Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pacific North West

Now that is just funny

Wow gang, it has been a couple weeks, and I have been Firing up the goods.
I took the long drive in the WREC Center from Colorado up here to the Pacific North West, and it has been great.
So where do you go to paddle in the Pacific North west, how about the Green Truss and the Little White

BZ falls, this thing has been handing out beatings

The always fun Big Brother

More Big Brother

O yea Eagle Creek...

Well the hike in on this run is a little ruff 5 or so miles up fire up some goods and if you don't have huge cahones and fire up the 90fter your back hiking a mile down...

The good news is that the view the hole way up is amazing.

Then you get to this big boy a 40fter into a tiny pool and then off another 15ft,

A couple of fun middle rapids, watch for wood

did i say the scenery was amazing!

Then you get to this beautiful horizon line Punch Bowl Falls

Yea just kinda pretty and the white water was amazing, remember if you arn't planning on sending 90ft get out after this drop.

We also showed up to an amazing Park and huck on Rock Creek

The Money Drop.