Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

So I got the offer to go on a grand canyon trip and duh I took it.
There were a couple issues to get past, like a shredded piston two days prior to departure. Fish's bus made a funny sound and then had a hard knock, we tore the top of the engine off and then the bottom half, and then saw the problem. A cylinder had gone bad and we had two days to get the parts and shove a new one in. Adam and I became mechanics over night and worked long hours with Fish into our departure day. Wow I still can't believe we got it fired up just in time to take it to the ditch.

Well we made it and started down the ditch too see many beautiful views.

Just another day in the ditch.

Cool view just down stream of Pierces Farry looking at a uplifting of rocks.
We had no planes of going this far but lucky for us the road at Diamond Creek was closed due to two and a half feet of snow.

We had a couple days of rain and one of those days gave way to the most beautiful picture I have ever captured.

Fish crushing a random wave, so much good white water rolling waves every where.

Ron staying with the high side long after it had decided to tump over at Pierces Farry.

There was also the standard amount of drinking... too much.
A little game of slap bag.

Adam our T.L. wanted a theme day, so we made one up. Super Bowl Super Hero day, but we missed the Supper Bowl. So we decided we would celebrate on our next lay over day, Super Hero Saturday. As the party and "horse shoe championships of the world" where played, we yelled to a passing trip in full character, "SUPER HERO SATURDAY rable rable rable", they yelled back that it was only Friday, they where right... but we kept the party going till saturday.

The side hikes were amazing, Adam threw the fluted shist.

Kevin deep in another amazing side canyon

Boats sitting on the eddy line between Havasew Creek and the Colorado River.

Kevin rocking out in the coolest venue in the world.

The view from the kitchen wan't half bad either.

O yea we got stuck in the mud on the way back to CO and this nice police man burned rubber to help pull us out of the mud.
All and all a very cool trip that I plan to do again and again.
Keep an eye here for te next adventure, diving in Little Camon island.
Chris Baer