Sunday, November 23, 2008

a couple quick shots from the green today

just a couple cool shots today

billy jones doing what he does best "he boofed the dog shit out of er" (adriene)

some people didn't have as much luck today... check out that face, it says it all "damn that was close"

adriene "i don't like the right line" "if i go to run the left line in a short boat just stop me"

way up on the right rock at sunshine

this was definitly the best shot of the day and in all reality one of the uglier lines at sunshine.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

yea i'm not a tottal slacker

yea i'm not a tottal slacker

so i finally brought my nice camera in to the green river narrows,

pick your poison way too far right or backwards, just a matter of time at gorilla

billy jones stylin gorilla at just under 7 inches

billy murphy trying to throw loops in the speed trap
showing every one that you don't have to dial the line to have a great time on the green

from her impression on the last shot she had no clue she had just gotten the best shots of the day, on groove tube a rapid i had dismissed from creating a "cool shot" just goes to show ya

a couple parting sunshine shots

Thursday, November 13, 2008

green river !

green river

So i have been to a couple events recently but not many good photos too busy kayaking with new crews or racing all though not that competitively.
this is go left, on the green river, in NC, during the race. It's one of the big three and i was supper excited to see it, it meant i probably new what way to go from there to the finish line. No kidding i got full on lost during the race. i had to ask a spectator what slot i was supposed to go threw, lol.

the parking lot morning of the race... it had an amazing buzz to it every one getting ready to route the green with exceptionally low water, a little scary, a hand full of bad lines, and at the end of the day every one was OK

THE CREW these guys and gal are awesome. I met Susan on the upper youghiogheny (she showed me threw the time warp... she was in a green boat ((bad ass)), and then bumped into her and cohorts on the Russel fork and then again on the Green... thanks again for the shuttles, beer, and most of these pictures.

did i mention that the Green river valley is spectacular in the fall

the obligatory shot of the Wrec Center, when you see it don't be shy. It probably is going to run shuttle.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Bridge day on the New River Gorge

Bridge day on the new river gorge

people jumping off a perfectly good bridge

some of the parachuter's found land and others looked if they were aiming for the park service boats

all ways beautiful in the new river gorge especially with the changing leaves of fall

we also chased down some low water gauley runs.
Hanging out in the room of doom?

then the Russell fork rondeview wow what a great sieved out run tons of great boofs and a couple legitimate rapids
Lance getting his boof on in
El horendo

last class 5 move climax