Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Heavy Rains in Brazil

Rio Santa Maria

Put In:    GPS (-27.0484929,-49.0920952)    Note: Information center and Gate

Take Out:     Note: As far down as you want to go

Class:    4-5 Flow dependent

Flow:    Visual, needs some rain

Description:    Located in the National Park of Serra do Itajaí just outside of the fairly large city of Blumenau. The common light afternoon rain showers make this section flow very consistently. Lower flow days make for a user friendly drop pool style run that is very manageable. With high flows, after a heavy rain, everything starts to link and becomes continuous; a local guide is stronly recommended for these higher flow days. 


Rio Forcaçāo

Put In:    GPS (-26.7327393,-49.5350614)    Note: Park and huck, multiple falls

Class:    5

Flow:    Visual, requires heavy rain

Description:    Park and huck options. The upper portion of this river has a tendency to create some fun waterfalls and slides. 

Caí River

Put In:    GPS (-29.269822, -50.754375)    Note: Hydro Dam    

Take Out:    GPS (-29.292196, -50.910232)    Note: First bridge crossing

Class:    5

Flow:    Visual, requires medium rain, entirely dam dependent

Description:    Put in is at a hydroelectric dam, so you need a bit of good luck and rain for it to run. Dam personnel seemed very ok with us being on the property; they even gave us a ride down the hill to the water. The section is 30+ km long, so bring a snack. Rock structue looks newer and volcanic, making it relatively sharp with tons of undercuts and sieves. The location is beautiful with huge towering rock formations whose huge walls also make this river very committing and pretty darn remote.  


Rio Cubatáo

Put In:    GPS (-27.711267, -48.852276)     Note: Small bridge   

Take Out:     GPS (-27.691320, -48.777066)    Note: Side of road

Class:    4-5, flow dependent

Flow:    Visual, requires light to heavy rain

Description:    There are two separate sections here: above and below the conflence near the city of Águas Mornas. Above the city, it feels fairly creeky with a handful of step rapids and one suggested portage. Below, it gets more water and has a full river feel with low angle slides.  

Cachoeira do Zimbira

Put In:    GPS (-27.647800, -48.863942)    Note: Tiny bridge, water should be flowing over some of it    

Take Out:    GPS (-27.664355, -48.855999)    Note: Side of road as you exit jungle

Class:    5

Flow:    Visual, requires heavy rain

Description:    This micro creek needs a ton of rain, so expect to encounter numerous down trees. Rapids come in quick succession with the ability to scout being massively hindered by the very dense jugle vegetation. A local guide is almost a necessity. The big drop is 20+ feet tall with a very deceptive lead-in and lip; scouting from river right is recommended.