Here is a pile of photos from over the years, and all over the globe.

Kayaking hard whitewater is only part of the adventure, capturing locations and being able to share those with the world is very intriguing.

Check out some of my favorite photos from around the globe.

Casey Tango Crystal Gorge, kayak whitewater Chris Baer WhereIsBaer.com
automatic rubber chicken launcher, WhereIsBaer.com Chris Baer, North Carolina
North Carolina
Mexico kayak whitewater, chris Baer WhereIsBaer.com water falls mexico tripple

Costa Rica, reptile eye, aligator crocodile, Chris Baer, WhereIsBaer.com
Costa Rica
Minnesota whitewater slide kayak, WhereIsBaer.com Chris Baer
Andy McMurry Peru WhereIsBaer.com Chris Baer CHotawasi canyon

Laos, kayak whitewater scenery portage WhereIsBaer.com Chris Baer
Peacock africa, kayaking bird colors colorful whereisbaer.com Chris Baer
tall trees small green kayak walking in snow, WhereIsBaer.com Chris Baer Pacific Northwest
Pacific North West
Argentina Kayaking Chris Baer, waterfall, whitewaster locious green vegitation blue water, WhereIsBaer.com Chris Baer
Columbia side of river dringing alchol locals, kayak whitewater Chris Baer WhereIsBaer.com
Grand Canyon of the Colorado river Arizona raft whitewater, kayak WhereIsBaer.com Chris Baer
Grand Canyon of the Colorado

Canada big wave trees changing color river, beautiful WhereIsBaer.com Chris Baer

West Virgina WV, tube Upper Gauley river, Chris Baer escited green kokatat dry suit, whitewater, Chris Baer WhereIsBaer.com
West Virginia
New Zealand beach sunset rocks colors sun Chris Baer WhereIsBaer.com south island
New Zealand

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  1. Hey! Spotted you in Clayton Ga. Came to see what it was all about!