Thursday, May 7, 2009

Minnesota and the Upperpinesula of Michigan

Firing up some more big drops in the mid west,

So I have been doing some more traveling in the Midwest, Here are a few more high lights.

The view from the south shore of lake superior.

Superior falls, Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Me dropping Superior falls, this was a second decent. The first was done by Tao out of a helicopter, FYI you don't need a helicopter.
Photo by John McConville

Another shot of Superior falls this time by Nate Herbeck.
This is really a good drop, I definitely would suggest scouting from the landing zone as the line is very narrow. You could easily roll to the right and take your head off.

Remember to clear your paddle it is a big drop.

We where then off to the Preque Isle for The Rada Memorial Race.
This run is supper fun, low consequence and an easy shuttle, I got in 5 laps in 2 days.

bombing off the 20 fter during the race
photo by John McConville

John and Nate testing out the dynamic duo

Then it was off to the Black River for a big group paddle, 11 of us Routing the run.

Jorge setting safety at the base of Rainbow Falls

John McConville blasting threw a wave

Nate Herbeck fired up after a good line

Me about to get my boof, a great redemption run, 2 years ago I ran this drop and got ejected at the bottom. This time stomped it with a huge smile and fist pump.

Back to Minnesota and another rarely ran drop, the top slide of the main Beaver

Supposedly some one broke an ankle in here in the past we just found a fun slide, John and Ian even fired up the nasty bottom drop.
photo by John McConville

Cunningham Falls

John McConville finds a line

and then I went, and botched the line

the lateral pushed me a lot to far right
Photo by Nate Herbeck

This is not looking good
photo by John McConville

O no that is going to hurt
Photo by John McConville

Yea that hurt, I put my paddle out to take most of the blow and it probably saved me a hospital visit, banged up, cut up, boat bashed in, but basically OK.
Photo by Nate Herbeck,

Well that is it 3 Weeks in Minnesota and Michigan allot of big drops and a lot of fun.
Time to head back to Colorado and get back to some work.

All photos by Chris Baer unless noted.