The fastest growing marketing tool available today is the internet. To maintain high viewership, you  need a constant inflow of target media. I am a professional kayaker who creates that media. Keeping my website up to date with all of my current adventures has become more than a part time job. It is now a powerful promotional tool. Traveling around the globe in search of the most difficult and remote rivers creates amazing stories.

This year received over 56,000 views. The associated Vimeo account has collected 449,000 loads. This professional knowledge of social media networking will stimulate your target audience. Whitewater kayaking is a sport that has more to do with climbing, canyoneering, hiking, and camping than most people would imagine. viewers are your next potential client.

What I can supply:

1.    A third party source, marketing products on your social media sites.
2.    One or more exciting posts per month.
3.    Professional action photographs of the product with a written testimonial.
4.    Logo presence during all product related activities and on
5.    Continued feedback and support to advance products.

Competitions and Events

Teva mountain games,
Fibark river festival,
Green river narrows race,
Lord of the fork, Russel Fork, 
Giant slalom O' Be Joyfull, 
Durango river days,
Gauley race,
Gore Canyon,
Youghiogheny race,
Payette Boise river Revival
Gauley Fest
Palguine Race

Product development,  
My ability to live in the field and constantly push my equipment has led to some great R&D.

Currently I am working with,

Beta Shell,
Blunt Family Paddles,
4 Corners Riversports,
I/O Bio Merino Wool,
Merrell shoes,
Optic Nerve eye wear,
Rocky Mountain Sunscreen,
Six Feet Deep clothing,
Snap Dragon skirts,
Wave Sport Kayaks,
and WRSI helmets.


Tony Miely
Managing Partner
4 Corners Riversports

Kenny Kiley
Blunt Family Paddles

The support that I need:

1.    Communication keeping me up to date on the most recent offerings of the company.
2.    Marketing materials (i.e. apparel, waterproof stickers, etc. for personal representation) 
3.    Product and/or stipend to assure that your conditions will be met or exceeded.

I am constantly testing myself and the capabilities of my equipment. None of my adventures would be possible without quality gear. You should be highlighted in my next adventure.

Thanks for your consideration,
Chris Baer