Friday, October 17, 2008

Lake Creek

Lake Creek

wow lake creek had an amazing season it just ran and ran it may of had something to do with our rediculous levels that we tryed but a 100 teen is still fun

so when the right line is snowed in fire up the left one

the brains at a stock 300cfs

when your running the shit you have to have popper safety or at least some people to bring you coldies at the take out

top of the paralizer, right line
Kenny thanks for the paddle, every one check out Blunt Family Paddles

scouting the cauldron or just talking about who's boof was better at the brains?

the cauldron at 300 going on 500cfs the water level was all over the place this year.
Be careful the gauge was jumping all over the place due to the water coming in from the Roaring fork. Plenty of days that we scouted at 300cfs and got to the cauldron at 500cfs...

Fun, yes

Pushy, yes

get beat down in the right corner, YES

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