Sunday, January 10, 2010

Two months in south America

Two months in south America

The end of Nevado... again, and a great way to mark two months of vacation.

So the rain has ended and the water levels once again are dropping out, this gave us a great opportunity to try to do the total Nevado. We put on the upper with low flows,

Bryan Kirk deep in the Nevado

Bryan with a huge boof

Jacob the crazy Russian

Once we arrived at the Demshitz drop it was on. Almost the hole crew fired up this ugly drop, with a verity of success.

Bryan with one of the cleaner lines

Keegan Grady stuck the must make roll of his life

Amazingly enough Keegan was totally ok after this ridiculous line

The group then headed into the next gorge and on the second drop Alex Perrett missed his boof and injured his ankle bad. That was enough of that and the group hiked limped and carried each other out of the gorge.

Onward and upward... rather downward, marking the two month mark of my trip it was time to huck the middle Palgine again.

Keegan in the portage

There was a verity of lines most notable Bryan Kirk getting violently ejected out of his kayak. The results of the day where grim, 2 out of 6 people stayed in there boats, there was Bryan's ejection, 2 blown skirts, and my flailed hand roll to swim.

Jacob tucking, to skirt implosion

The Spaniard with a beautiful line

All said and done the crew is still smiling and excited for the next river.

Chris Baer, always between swims.

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