Monday, January 16, 2012

Casey Tango is the BOSS!!!

Casey Tango is the BOSS!!!

Tango sliding into the freezing waters of Minnesota

Perched inches away from a 15 foot seal launch that leads directly into a 70 foot waterfall, Casey leans forward putting his skirt on and says, "So my girlfriend just broke up with me via email, this is how I deal with my emotions, like a BOSS."

Dirty Jersey
Tattoos, dark shades, and a flat brim hat
Casey Tango, also known as Dos Litros for his love of cheap Chilean wine, hails from Dirty Jersey, the arm pit of the East Coast. Tango is stereotypical Jersey. He is covered in tattoos, wears a flat brimmed hat, shaved head, big mirrored sunglasses, curses like a sailor, and wants what he wants right now. The perk of traveling with some one who looks like they may have just gotten out of jail is that we never had to worry about security. I think some of the possible thieves eyed our posse not as a target, but as a threat. What more could you ask for from a traveling partner?

Dos Litros, enjoying Chilean wine
Jersey blood is what fuels the Boss, and what drives him to constantly be on the go. His pace is full steam ahead. Ten minutes after waking up Tango is ready to charge. A dozen cups of yerba mate later and he is bouncing off the walls. He turns into the proverbial over-caffeinated ADD crack baby. Dealing with a spastic 29-year-old child is never easy. Loading boats or paddling downstream he keeps a mind-blowing pace. I could barely get my camera out of its Pelican case before Casey charged off the next horizon line.

Traveling, and Destroying kayaks

Warning this video has very unacceptable lyrics, Tango is the Boss.
Warning this video has very unacceptable lyrics, Tango is the Boss. 

Kayaks are usually cumbersome and exceedingly expensive to travel with. Stepping out of customs Tango was boastful about his kayak getting on the plane for free. Pointing at his recently trimmed mustache he said, "The baggage lady dug the stash." I had an equally ugly new mustache and it cost me $175 to get my "wave ski" on the plane. Irony made its self more than apparent only a few days later. During our first day paddling in Chile Casey's boat began to sink. He had opened up a twelve inch gash directly under his seat. The impending sinking feeling only increased his pace as he charged into the unknown on the Vientedos Saltos section of the Rio Claro.


Casey must be scared of the jungle because he sure wasn't walking around any rapids on this trip. Handing me his paddle one day, he asked, "Can you take this to the bottom for me?" He then strapped on his hand paddles and charged into The Portage on the Rio Palguine. Realizing his skill level, Tango was excited to test it on the nastiest looking drops in Chile.

Tango spicing up the Upper Youghiogheny

Whether finding the best bread in town, getting another tire patched, or bargaining for horses, Tango's Spanish never let us down. Attempting to gain access to the Salto Nilahue, Tango had a remarkably detailed and compassionate conversation with a local Mapuche woman about religion and beliefs. His more then ample Spanish saved us piles of cash and countless hours.

Tango staring down Pine Tree Falls in CO
On the river Tango has transformed his Jersey pace into a positive. He is an aggressive paddler who always has his head on a swivel. I can't think of anyone more willing to put themselves on the line in a true rescue situation.

Casey hates being cooped up

Casey Tango is a BOSS.

Story and photos by Chris Baer


  1. yeah Casey Tango is a scary dude!he has been seen around El Bolson area a while back, a known hidden spot here in patagonia, full of sketchy characters...and that Baer dude has a price on his head here in Bariloche...cross the street if you s
    ee any of them...

  2. Sheeeeeit, Best Job recommendation I've ever read.