Thursday, October 4, 2012


Chris Baer tubing, upper gauley, WV, Jessica Marsan, yes

I have officially given up kayaking. There is just too much gear, paddle, boat, skirt. I have moved on to a much more spiritual zone... TUBING!!!!

Chris Baer tubing, upper gauley, WV, Jessica Marsan, silly kayakers
silly kayakers

It put a pretty big smile on my face walking into the local tire shop and asking for an inner tube, " yea a tube for going down the creek "

WARNING: this stunt was performed by an immature idiot, it is not a good idea. Please.. Please.. DO NOT start doing this.

Chris Baer tubing, upper gauley, WV, Jessica Marsan
another adventure brought to you by Chris Baer


  1. Baer... loved the vid loved the mail slot line. Looked fun.
    Keep Kayaking.

  2. Baer, you are an extreme man of Adventure! We would like to send you a Tube In A Box inner tube so you'll never have to walk into another tire shop asking for a tube again! Tell us where to send it and it'll be on it's way to you!

    Tube In A Box

  3. I go boating and tubing all the time and I feel like I always get tired after I'm done so I was just wondering if you actually burn calories. So if you know let me know and tell me how many calories roughly! Click here: