Friday, January 22, 2016

Southeast Steep Creeking in Chile... Rio Nevado!

Southeast Steep Creeking in Chile... Rio Nevado! 

If you refer to yourself as a creek boater and haven’t heard about this river there is something wrong with you. It’s a little piece of Southeastern steep creeking tucked into the quintessential kayak destination of Pucon Chile. Multiple 20 footers, a bed rock slide, and enough mank to keep Mark Taylor and Aeon Russo smiling.

Aeon Russo taking flight

Aeon Russo probing the right side of wall drop

Mark Taylor falling into? Crack drop!

Aeon Russo, Dulce Amor

Aeon Russo in the quintessential Chilean gorge

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  1. Hey Chris! We don't know each other, but I saw you at Breaks Interstate Park outside of Elkhorn City last year. I was coming down the mountain after a long weekend soaked from head to toe in a bright pink jacket. I was surprised to see all the kayakers when I returned to the campground. We exchanged subtle how do ya do's as you walked toward your bus. I noticed the website and I must say I've really enjoyed reading your stories. Stay wild brother.