Sunday, November 23, 2008

a couple quick shots from the green today

just a couple cool shots today

billy jones doing what he does best "he boofed the dog shit out of er" (adriene)

some people didn't have as much luck today... check out that face, it says it all "damn that was close"

adriene "i don't like the right line" "if i go to run the left line in a short boat just stop me"

way up on the right rock at sunshine

this was definitly the best shot of the day and in all reality one of the uglier lines at sunshine.


  1. Who was that girl in the fluid? I think I paddled some ARK stuff with her this past summer.

    Ryan Guay

  2. i just shoot the pictures i don't have much of a story on her, i believe that she is the girlfriend to Chris Brigman just a assumption.

  3. Very cool!
    Have you seen the Banff mountain film festival this year?
    If you haven't seen it go check that out on youtube!!!!