Thursday, April 30, 2009


Minnesota land of the cold and snow, and big slides.

Chris Baer Running almost always on the Lester
Photo John McConville
The Lester is just out side of Duluth Minnesota and makes a very fun quick post work run.

Split Rock, access on this is getting ruff and it needs a lot of water but wow is it fun when you get the water, slide slide slide slide slide.

Andy "the Punisher" McMurray on Ski jump

Andy " maximus" McMurray in Under the Log, (there is no log any more)

Nora Whitmore 52 years old and slayin the Canyon section, See also Andy McMurray in the back ground.


More of Andy McMurray this time getting his nose down on the 30fter, this thing has an amazing lead in, and the next few rapids are amazing as well.

Me on the 30fter, photo by John McConville

The Onion, talk about slip slide yourself off the edge of the world this thing has 2 drops that get rid of 400ft of gradient in about a quarter mile, damn this is fun.

John Kiffmeyer slipping off thew edge of the world, we are going to lake superior 500ft below and less then a half mile away.

John Kiffmeyer on the lead in slide, this is just the giveme, into the big one.

Nate Herbeck about to catch some air.

John McConville dealing with the crux of the top slide

Me trying to keep my nose up at the base of the first slide, 200ft down 200 to go
photo by John McConville

Heather Herbeck, bouncing down the bottom of the second slide

East Beaver, we did this as just a park and huck, 3 fun drops

John McConville boffin the 20 fter

Poplar River coming out of Lutsen ski resort,

John McConville in the maylay of the big slide

Me in the same slide
photo John McConville

So there is a quick update on MN, there is a lot more to come including the second decent of Superior Falls, you might remember this one from Tao on stunt junkies, Well I'm here to tell you it doesn't need a helicopter be ran.

Also a Big thanks to the sponsors, 4Corners Riversports, Wave Sport (the habitat 80 rocks), Snap Dragon (and there implosion bar thar I have been putting to the test), Rudy Project, Blunt Family Paddles, and you.

All photos by Chris Baer unless noted
Thanks again and stay posted for more silly sliding in MN
Chris Baer


  1. wow..the water fall looks wonderufl..

    1. thank you it's a special place up there in the great white north