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So I have been in Pucon, Chille, for about 20 days and we have been running everything. From the big water of the Fuy, to the water falls of the Palgine, and Navatos. Pucon has offered up the best well rounded class 5 runs I have ever seen.

The Volcano here in Pucon,

Now for the Photo dump, First off the Rio Nevado. This run is amazing, I would consider this to be the Green Narrows of Chile.

Rodrigo on the first slide of the Rio Nevado

All the boys scouting the crack drop on the Rio Nevado

Andy McMurray, Rio Navado

Next up the Palguin, this run has three different sections. The upper is a water fall run the middle has a burly seldom run portage and a 70 footer. The lower is more low angle and offers some quality rapids.

John McConville on the first rapid of the upper Palguin, this is a tricky double drop where the first hole backs all the way up to the lip of the next 10fter.

Adam Bixby, going right on the 20fter

AJ about to send the right side

Andy McMurray, sending the left side

Bryan Kirk resurfacing on the "tricky drop" of the lower Palguin

Bryan Kirk launching one of those drops your sure was made for kayakers

Next up is the Desague, this has some of the meaner rock in the area, real sharp and oddly placed.

Adam Bixby boffing the shit out of the bottom drop.

Andy McMurray sailing away

When we got to the Rio Fuy it was silly high and we where unwilling to run the waterfalls but where willing to giggle our way down some amazing big water

Adam Bixby deep in the Rio Fuy

Another park and huck is the Ciolaco, this is a really simple fun 30fter

Andy Mcmurray styling the 30fter

There is also some ridiculous scenery down here

Chris Baer signing off from Pucon

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