Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Green River Narrows

Probable the most documented class 5 river in the world, and for good reason. The Green River Narrows hosts a pile of photogenic and challenging rapids.

After paddling the Green for six years, I am still supper excited for my next lap. I'm not quite sure why I always find myself back at the Green, it could be. The nervous anticipation of running the big 3, Go Left, Gorilla, and Sunshine. Paddling with some amazing friends that were introduced to me in the parking lot. Doing switch back tours in the Wrec Center. Finding that allusive eddy. Or cleaning up that always problematic Frankenstein line. What ever it is, I am always happy to get back to such a high quality river and paddling with equally high quality friends.

Check out some helmet cam footage montaged together over a few weeks of laps this spring.


  1. Sweet stache Baer! Are you staying out east for the summer where there is water or are you coming to CO for low water mank?

  2. I'm here in CO, loving the 400cfs commercial pine creek trips.