Monday, March 6, 2017

Sometimes the logistics aren’t as legal as you might want.

Sometimes the logistics aren’t as legal as you might want.

an amazing canyon

serenity above chaos
Kayaking missions sometimes lead us into murky waters, legally. Technically when I’m changing into or out of wet shorts on the side of the road I’m committing public indecency. Post-run cold ones, hopefully in a coozie and not a bootie, are open containers. Scouting, and occasionally accessing, really means trespassing. In all of these circumstances I ask myself the same question: If I’m not hurting anyone else, what does it matter?

the boys below a rather nasty hydraulic
desert run off
By no means would I ever suggest breaking a law, but sometimes it’s a necessary evil in kayaking, and sometimes the risk is worth the reward.

Adventure by Chris Baer


  1. That is some sick water!! Where is it? I just moved to AZ and I'm always looking for some new water.

  2. Can't say on here, talk to some local paddlers they will let you in on it

  3. Josh, I understand your concerns, and tried to produce this article with as much respect as I could. I am not a local paddler, but local paddlers reached out to me to share an amazing location. We did not committed a crime but have broken a rule, I know that's splitting hairs, but it's a rule that it sounds like you have broken as well. I have filmed some of your friends, those people gave me consent to use the shots. I was very careful in crafting this video not to show put in or take out, not to show anything that was obvious on location, and not to show close ups of faces. I would love to discus this further with you if you wish.
    Thank you for your understanding
    Chris Baer

  4. hey give me a shout let's get some gear in that boat!!