Monday, December 8, 2008


Well it's officially winter, and what better thing to do then to head to were it's warm and keep on boating.

Mexico has been amazing, the food is cheap and plentiful and the scenery is out of control, every where you look gigantic rolling mountains as lush as could be imagined.

John and Lance my "crew" for Mexico have been great as well. It is always fun going on a trip with little knowledge of your crew, a head of time.

So here it is what you really want pictures from down here
absolutely beautiful this shot is from the take out looking up stream on the Mecos

this shot is from the mid 20'ft'er on the Micos, it is supper fun and relativly easy to hike back up and do laps on

a slightly diferent angel on the same drop, you could also paddle behind the curtin and hang out in the cave, and watch your buddys drop the falls just on the other side of the curtin.
yet another beautiful river, there are springs every where and lots of them lend them selfs to making wterfalls slowly dropping of the travertine rock.

my internet down here is supper slow, so that is it for now

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