Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Orange and a Gun on the Rio Verde

An Orange and a Gun on the Rio Verde

The Rio Verde this is one of those runs people dream of, well maybe not the shuttle. The shuttle took a large part of the day, basically you drive for 2 hours and get stuck in traffic. Go a little further, and the little bumpy road hangs a left into a tiny village. Open and close a bunch of cattle fences as you drive deeper and deeper into someones private property. Talk to the land owner, he jumps in your car with a gun and an orange in hand. He shares his orange, and is supper nice, and shows you how to get down the canyon wall into your dream river. It's just that easy.

So the Rio Verde starts off with three sizable drops. The first is this 45 footer

a little two shot sequence of me in the first drop, it ran as good as it looks.

John staring down the crease on the 45 footer

as you land the 45 footer you realize that you are now in the canyon, the next way out is 5 miles down stream

after the 45 footer there is two more drops in close secession,
John sending the second of three

and Lance boffin the third drop
After the first three falls it mellows out a bit you get the occasional class 5 boulder garden and two more 10-15 foot drops until

this a 90ish foot monster with a alright portage after lowering the boats.
watch out for the next small drop as it looks and is really manky.

Over and out from the Rio Verde here in Mexico "paradise with tacos"
Chris Baer

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