Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mauricio Mora Lindo

While I was in Costa Rica I was lucky enough to meet and paddle with Mau, his generous hart shined brightly. Barely meeting me Mau picked me up from the hostel and took me paddling on the Upper Orosi. Over the matter of three weeks I became a permanent fixture at his house, and we got the opportunity to paddle together multiple times. On February 16th Mau was pinned in a sieves on the Upper Orosi and drowned. I am still uncertain on how to grieve and morn such a loss. I do know that Mau LIVED his life and would want me and every one else to continue to do so. I miss you Mau.


  1. Hi Chris. My name is Ricardo, Mau's brother. I want to thank for posting a video of Mau on your web site . It was great to see Mau in his element.

    I never had a chance to see him on the river so thank you again for sharing this with everyone.

    We all miss him.......



  2. Carlos Mora LindoApril 12, 2011 at 6:19 PM

    Hi Chris, I'm Carlos, Mau's oldest brother. This is a great video and a great memory for us. I too had never seen Mau in the river prior to the day I helped to rescue his body from the river.Thank you for giving me a chance to see him enjoying life and what was his biggest passion.
    He sure is missed

  3. Thanks for sharing.

  4. miss him too. thanks for posting

  5. Thank you for this. It is a wonderful way to for all of us to remember Mau.

  6. Thank you for that beautiful memory.