Friday, January 2, 2009

Return to the Big Banana

Return to the Big Banana

So after a couple days of rest we returned for Davis's birthday on the Big Banana section of the Alsaseca. We got a five hour head start from our previous attempt, and it all went reasonably well.
We arrived at the 120 footer in only an hour and a half and got a great view of it.

a little shout out photo for Kenny Kiley making the wonderful Blunt Family Paddles

even got to shot some pictures of some of the smaller fun rapids, this was a great triple drop rapid with a interesting first move

Chris Baer trying to keep his nose up in a goofy little ledge

John McConville getting the big boof on the 20 footer
Davis Grove and Lance Reif weren't so lucky and both blew skirts in the stompy hole at the bottom

The next drop that we quickly referred to as the slot drop. This looked absolutely horrible from the top but "it teranys out well"

Chris clearing his paddle, Davis Grove broke his paddle here on the first attempt.

We even had time to sit arround the 40 footer for an hour discusing it's runability

Jake plugin the 40 footer and making it look so good that John McConville also fired it up.

A different angel from Meat Locker "boof into the seam and disappear"

Chris Baer about to dissapear

I'm also going to throw in a couple shoots from the road side section, it is good just not epic. We did get the tour by Adriene so the directions we got where "interesting"

Chris Baer resurfacing after the crack drop, Adriene's directions where "well most people don't run this but just fallow me"

The always classic S turn

Chris Baer zig zaging his way threw. Lance even got to see the hole rapid upside down his first run, only cost him a paddle and a little pride.

Well that was a quick post, on the road heading towards the Grand Canyon.

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