Saturday, January 3, 2009


The Tasholo

Another run with almost no beta. What we were told was there is a 50 footer in there, and a rapid that killed someone, and a 90 footer at the take out that some one ran accidentally, have fun.
Writting this a while later i really wonder why we went in. O yea it's mexico and it's rad and it coudn't be any worse then our first big banana epic.

So we head in and it is low flow, lots of bouncing off of rocks, but there is a hand full of good moves here and there and all of us have the 50 footer in the back of our heads. So we pressed on bounced off of more rock, i got pinned and we all just got beat up, definitely low water. All of us commented on the low water and how full on the run would be with just a little more. We bounced into another rapid and "wow that is a horizon line." We took some time getting people out on the ultra sketchy scouting rock
The team, on the sketchy rock. If you look close you can see everyone's boats piled up on the small beach in the top right corner simply get out of your boat and swim up to a sketchy ledge 5 feet before the 50 footer, it goes better then it sounds.

Lance looked down at me in the pool
"well it looks good just ride off the curler."

I responded "what about safty?"
"I'll jump, if you get hurt"
So i paddled back up the eddy and fired off a 50 footer totally blind, what a rush.

Me, Chris Baer droping the 50 footer blind,
remember you can only run somthing blind once.

Lance Reif dialing his line.

Davis Grove pluged it deep, imploded and broke his paddle, but managed to get to the eddy in his boat. Laughing the hole time.

Lance making Horhays rapid (the one with the fatality) look pretty darn good. What you cant see is that under Davis in the back ground, all the water goes under the wall again.

The last good rapid, and John McConville boofin it big.

After the last good drop it goes back into some boulder gardens. Be supper heads up the 90 footer is down there, and it would be very easy to run it unintetionally. It also doesn't look that good, all the water in the landing zione is swirlling clockwise and there is no airiation on the right side of the falls, and that is exactlty where you would land, OUCH.
The hike out is a bitch super steep and the bar at the top is usually closed.

Well that is it for mexico i hope you had fun because i know i did. Stay heads up for the next installment, the Grand Canyon, it will be a bit as we will be down there for a month.

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