Friday, January 2, 2009

Tomato Gorge

Tomato Gorge

Tomato Gorge, after looking at tomato one,

and knowing that more then 50 % of the kayakers had landed on there heads, and looking at tomato two

that has had very few successful descents, and has a 150 repel in. We simply decided to repel off of a hole bunch of throw bags hooked together into the gouge below.
The repel hand over hand climb adventure and lowering the boats in took about an hour. Then we paddled into the landing pool of tomato two, "damn i'm glad i didn't run that it looks horrible from here."

So off into the canyon we went John got out and scouted the first major drop. "Well it goes.... it just has a lot of stuff going on on both sides, just go down the toung."
We where all pretty fired up at the bottom and it was really fun to watch everyones eyes get huge right as the crested the lip.
There was a hand full of other fun drops and then we came to this, "just fire off the gorrila pad" It was great, a slow role in to a great launch flake.

Jake boofin it.

John even attempted a freeweel off of it.

Next up was a 15 footer with a big hole at the bottom, I got surfed.

Lance getting far left avoiding the hole

Another goofy drop, you couldn't see the landing on almost every drop, when in doubt power threw

Chris Baer looking for the last stroke

A hand full of other little drops and the river mellows out again. This section is supper fun and the Quality of the drops were fantastic just remember one rule when coming to Mexico you can never ave enough paddles ( John broke 3) , and bring a climbing rope.

p.s. If you look at google earth there is yet another gorge below this it has been labeled with the turm unrunable. I will be back and I will spend some time looking at the next gorge.

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